Diversity Dance Testimonials

"Diversity Dance is everything I was looking for in a dance school for my girls. Lisa's passion for dance and teaching is evident from the first time you meet her. And that passion is passed on to her students, every single one of them adore her.  Lisa values all dancers regardless of ability or body type, and encourages and support every dancer equally.  She offers a wide variety of classes for all levels, so everyone can find the right fit for them. I know without a doubt that with Miss Lisa and her team my girls are in the best hands possible!"              Natalie :)

My daughter is in Lisa's ballet class (started as a mini, now in 5-6 year old) and my 7 year old son is in Hip Hop with Danaka Lawrence as his teacher. These ladies are both AMAZING with kids!  Lisa is very in tune to their levels, knows when they can grow by moving up a level, and works so well with each dancer. She provides great instruction and support while also encouraging independence. Danaka has the best patience and provides a very creative and fun experience for the boys! Diversity Dance is THE dance school to be a part of :-) So many classes available for all levels and ages. Lisa is very easy to work with and a joy to be around! Cannot recommend her studio enough!                            Melissa Bongalis 

 I can't say enough about Lisa'a adult classes - Burlesque is not only a blast but it's a wonderful community of ladies. Highly recommend! Plus the strength and flexibility class definitely pushes me and makes me feel great afterwards (and very sore!)                          Jolene Fournier

"Lisa and her amazing Diversity Dance team offer a loving and encouraging environment for all students.    My 11 year old daughter loves the teachers and we felt that her dance was really brought to a new level.   As an “actor” I’ve also had the privilege of working with Lisa on many musicals……I am so grateful for her patience and incredible ability dealing with someone who is severly dance challenged.    Just adore you Lisa."             Brian Martin, SunFM

Lisa of Diversity Dance & Fitness has developed a phenomenal space for her students. People of all levels, all ages, are encompassed in an environment of support where they are able to grow exponentially. We truly feel it is a school filled with hard work, skill, support, encouragement, love and laughter                        Nicolene Dvernychuk

"Lisa Schofield  just has "it." She is a naturally gifted teacher and a breathtaking dancer! She meets the students where they are at as individuals, explains movements thoroughly and clearly, and strikes the perfect balance between push and support. I have a blast whilst learning proper technique and working on my overall fitness. Highly recommend her!!           Amanda Bukowsky

"My five year old is having so much fun attending diversity dance classes. Thanks Lisa!!!          Fiona Hook

"Talented and inviting dance school!! Miss Lisa collaborates with the dance and theatre community on a regular basis. Fantastic choreographer and a brilliant teacher!"                  Jennifer Parker Kerr

"Diversity dance has so much to offer the love that Lisa has for her students is heartwarming the school is positive and healthy for my two growing girls. Lisa has everything from ballet,jazz,acro,hip hop and of course theatre and this is just a few that she has to offer and is growing each year adding more classes we love you Lisa"           Jamie Irwin

"Such a great dance school with caring teachers! Lisa has created a wonderful environment for children of all ages to learn and feel safe. Thank you Lisa!"             Cathie Bal

"As a Rocky actor .. and dancer our choreographer Lisa is amazing,, talented and sweet"        Marcel Zwilling